When the Lights Went Out – Jack Monnett (Audio Book – Download)


This is the downloadable audio version of When the Lights Went Out. Read by the author Jack Monnett.

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“When the Lights Went Out”, a short novel written by Jack Monnett, presents a scenario involving the aftermath of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on the United States and its devastating effect on a small LDS community.

From the author: “This book is neither doctrine nor prophecy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but is a work of fiction. The characters are not real persons but are composites of many Church members who most likely would act as they are portrayed. The thoughts expressed are those of the author and are not to be understood as warnings by LDS leaders. The Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is a real war tool that does threaten the United States. Several countries that are opposed to American intervention abroad do currently have technology — not only to create such a weapon but to detonate it. Whether such an event happens or not, the preparations expressed in this short novel are part of our religion. Planning for unexpected emergencies — in food, water, and other necessary supplies — has always been a hallmark of LDS teaching. The reader will notice many parallels in this account and people of the Book of Mormon. It is the warning voice for our generation.”

Reviews: “Jack Monnett’s novel of the effects of an EMP strike is a wake up call for those who continue to think America is not at risk. It is a much needed follow-up to his excellent two volumes on Awakening to Our Awful Situation and gives a blueprint for hope in rural community survival.” (Joel Skousen, Editor, World Affairs Brief)

“Jack is a marvelous story-teller. I honestly could not stop reading this book – I felt like I was going through all of the trials and terrible experiences of the characters. This book will cause readers to think.” (Karen Johnson, Former Arizona State Senator)

This is the downloadable audio version of When the Lights Went Out. Read by the author Jack Monnett. (MP3 format, ~ 129 MB, ~2 hours 20 minutes, unabridged.)